Morphe 35O Orange Toned Palette

11 August 2015

I am SO excited to have my hands on the Morphe 35O Palette! This palette is full of orange tones and shades that compliment them, both warm and cool! The quality is the same amazing quality that I love about Morphe Eyeshadows! 

Also - I paid for this myself yo.

Matte Cream
Satin Light Peach
Foiled Light Peach
Shimmery Gold
Matte Tan
Matte Medium Orangey Brown
Matte True Orange

Matte Light Olive
Shimmery Iridescent Cream
Shimmery Peach & Pink Duochrome
Matte Tan
Satin Light Orange
Matte Medium Tan
Matte Brown Toned Orange

Matte Warm Tan
Matte Medium Cool Brown
Matte Dark Cool Brown
Matte Medium Red toned Brown
Shimmery Medium Red Toned Brown
Foiled Light Pink toned Peach
Matte Medium Red toned Orange

Shimmery Dark Golden Brown
Foiled Golden Brown
Matte Cool Very Dark Brown
Matte Dark Brown
Shimmery Red Toned Brown
Shimmery Medium Tan
Matte Medium Warm Brown

Glittery Dark Brown with Gold Glitter
Matte Dark Brown
Matte Very Dark Cool Brown
Matte Dark Brown
Matte Ashy Brown
Shimmery Burnt Orange
Foiled Dark Orange

Amanda x

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