Worth the hype? MAC Brush Cleaner!

22 October 2015

I've been using MAC brush cleaner for aaaaages. A long, long time. I recently ran out which had forced me to try other things. I've previously always had a bottle ready to go but not this time...

I tried a few options from Priceline and was unsatisfied to say the least. Everything I tried was expensive, too! Especially for the small sized bottles.

My next option was a home made brush cleaner with ingredients found typically around the house. I tried about three different "recipes" and was again left unsatisfied.

I think I am spoiled now. I can use hot pink, bright blue, metallic gold... No staining on my brushes! I can clean foundation brushes between uses without water. I can use clean brushes every single day by just using MAC brush cleaner.

Basically it's a must have in my beauty routine! If you haven't tried it, do it.

Amanda x 

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