About Me

Hello! I am Amanda (duh!) and this is where I come to share reviews of products that are in depth and photo focussed!
I love tattoos, art, painting, drawing, cats - honestly, I could go on forever!
I have recently been diagnosed with Chronic Migraines - it has been extremely hard simply trying to navigate through this illness let alone parent & share beauty content - if you're wondering why sometimes I don't post for a while, this is your answer!

I am a mother of two small boys - apparently kids love beauty products just as much as we do and will grab any that they can get their hands on!

I love sharing makeup looks, products I love (and don't like), reviews, makeup flatlays and the rest  on YouTube, Instagram and of course right here!

I created this site to post beauty reviews! I feel like written reviews are a lot more helpful as you can describe in depth about the texture, colour and everything else about a product along with close up pictures. 

I hope you enjoy looking around Amanda Gregory Beauty and if you would like to contact me head to the Contact Me page to see how to get in touch.

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