Australis VelourLips in MA-LI-BOO

Hey everyone, if you don't know already, Australis released a line of matte lip creams towards the end of last year. They are called the VelourLips! The VelourLips that I will be talking about today is Ma-Li-Boo and it is the hottest, brightest pink I have ever seen!

Australis VelourLips come in a plastic tube with a shiny black lid, just like a regular lipgloss. The colour of the tube reveals the colour of the product inside - which is gorgeous, as you can see! The VelourLips have a lovely greet scent, it smells like artificial grape or grape candy. 

When first applied, Ma-Li-Boo is so creamy, opaque and after a few minutes dries matte! You have to beware though because if you apply too much it can appear really chunky as you can see in the pictures!

Ma-Li-Boo is an amazing shade and I'm so glad I have it! It's perfect for a bright pop of colour. The Australis VelourLips retail for $10 but there's usually a sale at Priceline, I picked mine up for $6! Bargain! The VelourLips line also has a purple, orange, red and nude shade, but I have only tried this one!

If you have any trouble applying VelourLips I have a video that may help!

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