House Warming, Why I Moved From Wordpress To Blogger!

Hey everyone!
After weeks of consideration I have decided to move into a new neighborhood - Blogger!
I have been a Wordpress user for a little under six months now and I have just decided to make the switch.

But why!?
I wanted more control over my blogs design.
I'm not talking about intense coding or anything but more just choosing what colours I want and the sizes of my columns. To be able to do those few things on Wordpress, it's gonna cost you!
I was sick of seeing my blog design!
On Wordpress you can choose from some free themes or buy one... I'm not at the point of my blogging life where I am ready to pay for things. With Blogger I can, and probably do, have the same theme as thousands of people and it doesn't look so obvious or repetitive.
My theme always looked so awkward, I don't know why!

So I decided to join the party
Lately, everytime I go to follow a blog, it's on Blogger!
Wordpress was awesome but I think that Blogger hosts most of the blogs that I am interested in.
Also, this whole Google+ thing means it's all linked or something like that hahaha.

I'm not really worried about importing/exporting
I'm going to take my favourite posts from Wordpress and re post them here!

So for now, farewell Wordpress, it has been weird.

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