My Favourite Pink MAC Lipsticks

Hey everyone, I've put together a post about my three favourite pink lipsticks from MAC Cosmetics! MAC is one of my favourite makeup brands, simply because they have so much variety in colour and texture. There is no such thing as "just a pink lipstick." Light, dark, shimmer, matte, sheer... So many choices! Also I can't forget to mention that MAC lipsticks smell amazing, they smell like creamy vanilla!

So the first lipstick I have is Snob. Snob has a Satin finish but comes off matte. This was my first ever MAC Lipstick! It also happens to be my favourite lipstick out of all of the lipsticks I own which you can see by the tube! The lid is cracked and the black MAC logo is smudged away. Snob is a very creamy purple toned pink, it is opaque. The MAC Cosmetics websites describes Snob as a ladylike mauve. This lipsticks looks different on everyone I've seen wear it. When applied it can pull a bit on the lips but it lasts longer than the creamier lipsticks.

Next is Pink Plaid. Pink plaid has a Matte finish. This is my favourite natural looking pink. Pink Plaid is similar to Snob but is a lot more neutral. This lipstick is described as a dirty blue-pink by MAC. I think that Pink Plaid would suit a large variety of skin tones and is a really pretty winter shade. Pink Plaid lasts a while on the lips because it is a matte finish. Pink Plaid and Snob are very, very similar!

Lastly I have Saint Germain. Saint Germain has an Amplified finish and is a gorgeous Barbie pink! It is described as a clean pastel pink on the MAC Cosmetics website and I believe this is very accurate description! Saint Germain can be a bit hard to pull off depending on your skin tones, I think it looks good on anyone though! Saint Germain is super creamy but almost too creamy, it doesn't last as long as Snob or Pink Plaid.

So overall I love MAC lipsticks, so much variety as I said before. I like to research before I buy a MAC lipstick as they are $36 AUD which currently works out to around $39 USD and that is a lot of money! I hope this post helped anyone looking for a new lipstick!

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