Too Faced Something About Berry Sweethearts Blush Review & Swatches!

The Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in one word is adorable! When I started hearing things about this blush, it was mainly about the shades Candy Glow and Peach Beach. I went to Kit Cosmetics with the intentions of buying one of the other shades but as soon as I swatched Something About Berry, I knew I had to have it.

The blush comes in a decent sized cardboard heart shaped box. The packaging reminds me of a box of chocolates - but small! Although it is cardboard, it is definitely sturdy! I don't know about travelling with this blush because it may have strong packaging but I don't think the actual blush would hold up that well.
The blush inside the box sits on a plastic (i think) base, I'm not sure how it stays in there but I'm not going to try and find out! When I shake the box, the blush does not feel stable! I think mine is coming loose.

The blush itself is in three strips of colour, the strips are big enough to use individually with the right blush but it is intended to be used all at once. Individually the shades are a mauve pink, coral pink and a hot pink! When swirled together the blush is a beautiful medium pink that can be built up to an intense hot pink. The shimmers are really what made me love this blush - they are stunning! The shimmers are iridescent with a gold sheen! There is no chunky glitter though! 

The pictures really do this blush no justice! If you get a chance - swatch Something About Berry. It's definitely not your average "pinky peach" blush!

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