MAC Tan Pigment Review and Swatches

Hey everyone! Today I have a Pigment by MAC Cosmetics to talk about, this is Tan Pigment.

The Pigments from MAC Cosmetics come in a container easily recognised in the beauty community! The lid easily screws off and there is a little plastic lid that you remove to get inside! The easiest way to get the perfect amount is to use what is on the plastic lid!

Pigments are a very gorgeous consistency and the are made to adhere to the skin better than a pressed eyeshadow or any powder product! Pigments - depending on the shade - can be used all over the face and body. Some people use Tan Pigment as a Highlighter/Shimmery Blush! Gorgeous!

As you will see Tan is a gorgeous light brown shade, super shimmery and can be applied wet for an almost wet look or foil effect! I love MAC Pigments, I want so many more!

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  1. Great review Amanda :)

  2. Love the review! I need Tan in my life it looks gorgeous. xo

  3. aw man i need this pigment in my life… i need them all haha