TheBalm Cabana Boy Shadow/Blush Review & Swatches

Hey everyone! Have you ever looked at a blush and thought... No way. I was like that when I first got into dark blushes! I looooove myself a berry toned blush and that is exactly what TheBalm Cabana Boy is! A gorrrrgeous Berry toned Blush! Before I tell you how amazing it is, I'll show you a picture of it on my face - one of the most natural yet obvious blushes I have ever used!

The packaging is what makes TheBalm different to other companies, the retro pinup designs are adorable, they have a vintage appeal! The packaging for Cabana Boy is cardboard and clamshell style with a magnetic closure - don't be scared, the packaging is a lot more sturdy than some plastic cased blushes than i own. I also think that because of the cardboard style packaging there is less danger of breakage because of the shock absorbtion of the cardboard! 

Cabana Boy retails for $27.95 for 8.5g - great value compared to some other high end blushes! If you are in Australia you can buy TheBalm from David Jones.

So as you can see in the pan Cabana Boy is a little scary! When applied on the skin it is a beautiful natural berry hue. The colour is buildable and you can wear Cabana Boy sheer or heavily depending on your preference and skin tone!

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