MAC Pressed Pigment Swatches Part 1

Hey everyone! It's no secret that I love Pressed Pigments by MAC! I just posted a video version of my collection and I thought I would do a Blog Post for a bit of a close up of the products. In the video I had 8 and I now have 9 (obsessed, right!?) and I think that might be a bit much to include every picture in one post so I'm going to break it up into two posts. 

Firstly I have Day Gleam. This is a gorgeous brown shade and is my newest addition. I think this could compliment a whole different variety of skin tones quite easily.

The second shade I have is Blonde Streak and this was my first Pressed Pigment ever purchased! I was drawn to this at the MAC Counter almost instantly! This is a very pale cream/pink shade depending on your skin tone! Blonde Streak is one of my most used Pressed Pigments!

The third shade I have is Flicker. This shade is gorgeous! It has a blend of both gold and silver shimmer over a very pale yellow base. I like using Flicker with a light hand as I think it really shows the beauty - although it is beautiful heavily applied too, haha!

Fourth and lastly for this post I have Angelic. Angelic is a frosted silver shimmer over a white base. This Pressed Pigment compliments any light eyeshadow and is very versatile! As you can see Angelic is also very well loved!

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  1. Day gleam looks like a gorgeous all over the lid colour! xo