SensatioNails by Nailene - Gel Starter Kit Raspberry Wine & Pink Chiffon Gel Polish

Hello beautiful people! 
Today. Have a review of the the SensatioNail Gel Starter Kit, I used the Pink Chiffon polish on myself and the Raspberry Wine polish on my mum! Typical nail polish doesn't last long on my mum at all so I thought it would be interesting to see the difference of wear time for both mum and I.

So I have the starter kit which came with Raspberry Wine and a whole lot of other colors! Me being the typical girl couldn't resist Pink Chiffon. I also wanted to see the difference in opacity between a lighter and a darker shade!

Before the fun happens, you file and buff your nails. You then use the cleanser to clean your nails and apply the nail primer.

This is what Pink Chiffon looks like after the base coat and one coat of polish (ignore my lack of left hand photo taking skills).

Pink Chiffon turned out a beautiful, opaque milky pink! 


Here's a close up of my nails a day later! I'll add a photo each day til I remove it!


And here is a photo of mums nails in Raspberry Wine, I did her nails the day after mine so her wear photos will be a day different!

DAY 1 

Loving these shades!
Let me know if you've had any experience with gel polish!  

Amanda x

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