MAC Cyber Lipstick Swatches

On the rare occasion I let my boyfriend choose the shade of lipstick to buy, he chooses a purple. Usually I flat out say NO! But this time, I decided that I should branch out, I have enough "pinky nudes" for now anyway. So here we are, with Cyber from MAC.

Cyber is in no way a new lipstick to the MAC Permanent line, it is only new to my personal collection! Straight away you can see that Cyber is not a blend in with the crowd shade!

Cyber is a true deep purple, there really is no other way to describe it! There is no obvious warmth or coolness to this shade which is one of the reasons it looks awesome on any skin tone! As you can see by the pictures, Cyber applies a little uneven. The best way to achieve perfect lips while wearing Cyber would be to use a liner first! Deep Purple by NYX would be a great one!

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