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Eve Lom Rescue Mask

Hello helloooo I thought I would do a super quick post! It has been my mission to use and try out my skin care & skin care samples so today I'll talk about the Eve Lom Rescue Mask!

I got this sample with a Mecca online purchase I'm pretty sure, or I got it in a beauty loop box! Anyway, it is AMAZING! I have used the mask three times so far and that is a pretty decent sample size - three applications! I went on to the Mecca site to purchase this and it was suuuuper expensive, I might try and get a few more samples while I'm trying to not spend so much! 

This mask was so gentle yet effective on my dry dehydrated skin, it was super nourishing and helped with my dry patches! 

If you are able to get a sample of this mask - do it! If you love high end skincare and love the hydrating mud masks you will love this one too! The main ingredient is kaolin clay which is an amazing skincare ingredient!

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