Shanghai Suzy - Miss Nicole Lipstick Swatches & Review

I received Miss Nicole in a goodie bag from a blogger event I attended a little while ago and I really pushed it to the side because honestly. Burgundy Brown? Doesn't sound like I'd like it at all.

The packaging is nice and simple with the Shanghai Suzy logo on the side! On the top there's a little sticker that shows what colour is inside which is handy for lipstick storage. The bottom shows the name of the lipstick, the shade & the formula. Miss Nicole is Matte.

This shade would definitely look gorgeous on either warm or cool toned skin and I think it would look but on any skin tone a bit darker than mine (NC25/NW25 and up!) because I feel like it does wash me out a little unless I have a flawless cake face goin' on!

I think this would be a gorgeous alternative to Jeffree Star Unicorn Blood if you don't like the matte lip creams! My lips (and skin and life) are quite dry but that doesn't show with these lipsticks! Also - ignore my awful skin, I didn't want to edit the true shade of the lipstick away and honestly - I'm no good at editing anyway!

You can buy Shanghai Suzy from Rouche Boutique - 
Each lipstick retails for $12.95 but they're currently on sale for under ten dollars!

Amanda x

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