FRANK Body Original Coffee Scrub

Frank has been all over Instagram, forever. I was always a little sceptical when it came to body scrubs.. Why can't I just use my good old exfoliating mitts!? Well, I'll tell you why!

I was sent the Original Scrub & the Body Balm - I can't comment on the Body Balm yet because it has been SO humid here for months, balmy is not something I wanna feel on top of this heat!

I can, however, tell you how my experience went with the Scrub! I always like to exfoliate my body, usually twice a week. I am a lover of fake tan, so being exfoliated is a must. When I exfoliate it's usually in the bath. When I read the instructions I realised I had to prepare! I usually jump in the bath and exfoliate while Joseph (baby) plays with his boats and tries to throw the washing in with us. Joseph would be an obstacle while using Frank... I had to wait til Daddy was available to wrangle the baby beast. 

Baby beast wrangled, I had a chance to get dirty. And I mean dirty. Frank went everywhere. EVERYWHERE. 

I went over my body quickly with water then got to scrubbing, I started on my chest, my arms, stomach, back, bum and legs! While I was scrubbing there was Frank flying all over the place! Make sure you have an extra few minutes to hose everything down after, haha! When I was nice and dirty, I took some selfies and scrolled through Instagram! 

(I left my liner and brows on for selfie purposes, obviously!)

When time went by and I washed everything off I massaged as I went! My sister in law always raves about Frank but I was always like "yeah, okay..." Because how good could a scrub be?

My skin felt amazing! You know when you shave your legs and have fresh sheets and it feels like silky heaven? Yeah, that's how it felt! My skin was silky smooth and soft but tight at the same time. It's really hard to explain and feels better than my words are describing! 

My skin felt amazing for days after, I totally get the hype around Frank now, I wish I tried it sooner! I recommend the Original Scrub if you can't choose (I couldn't!) and get to scrubbing asap!

x Amanda

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