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GHD Advanced Split End Therapy Review

Hey loves! I was offered the opportunity to try out a new hair product - the GHD Advanced Split End Therapy! Before I get into the details I'll explain my hair - dry. dry & dry. Damaged! There you go! When I heard the product was specifically for split ends I knew I wanted to give it a test! If your hair isn't super dry on't worry - GHD Advanced Split End Therapy is scientifically formulated for all hair types.

Split End Therapy is specifically made to use with heat tools so if you love to style your hair with hot tools this is for you! This is my hair before blow drying and straightening:

This is my hair with one side done, what a difference!

And this is after I had finished styling:

Obviously the only thing to really fix split ends it to cut them off and I am waaaaay overdue for a trim... Okay, a cut, let's be honest here. Although nothing will literally fix your ends, the GHD Advanced Split End Therapy will really smooth them out and give the appearance of hair with very minimal split ends.

So I'll explain how I use this miracle product, it is SO easy!

1. Wash your hair
2. Skip conditioner
3. Using 10ml of Advanced Split End Therapy, smooth from the mid lengths to the very ends of your hair, focusing on the ends.
4. Blow dry
5. Straighten. Curl. Whatever!

My hair looks so much healthier when using Split End Therapy, it also combats the frizzy end look that is so common for over bleached hair. My hair looks HEALTHY! What super damaged split ends?

My hair feel amazing, it is light yet moisturised. Most conditioners can leave my hair looking and feeling heavy and flat but because this isn't a heavy product and you don't need much your hair doesn't get weighed down!

If you would like to purchase it you can click here!
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I am OBSESSED with this stuff!

x Amanda

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