Calvin Klein CK2 for #the2ofus

Calvin Klein released CK2 - a gender free fragrance and I got my hands on it! I thought why not share my thoughts on this super interesting concept!

I feel like gender free fragrance would be an extremely hard thing to master. If the scent leans too masculine or feminine could it even be called gender free?

I asked three people to close their eyes and tell me whether they felt CK2 was for a man or a woman - each time the answer was the same. "It's mens. No wait, womens... Which one is it?!" The feedback after learning that it was in fact for both men and women was very pleasant! They could definitely see how it was gender free!

The notes of CK2 are what I found the most interesting!
The fragrance defines a new category; urban woody fresh, with innovative, never-before used ingredients like wasabi and wet cobblestones.
  1. Top Notes
  2. Heart Notes
  3. Base notes
    I found wet cobblestone to be the most interesting - From the notes I can definitely see the masculinity with a feminine touch!

    I was asked quite a lot what I was wearing while I wore CK2 and it lasted a long time!

    CK2 is very safe. I think that if you were looking for a gift for almost anyone this would work! I could see it being worn by so many different styles of people. I think the biggest fan of this scent was my Stepdad - a very manly man!

    The bottle is gorgeous - it is very different. It has a super minimalistic design but at the same time - it's upside down. The bottle is clear and fuss free just like the other fragrances in the Calvin Klein family. One of my favourite things about Calvin Klein fragrances is that they aren't over done - there isn't a new one every few months. They really keep it designer!

    CK2 is a gorgeous clean yet full scent and is my new go to scent!

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