LUSH The Experimenter Bath Bomb!

I love Bath Bombs! LUSH Bath Bombs have to be my favourite as they have such good ingredients that are kind of like a treatment and a bath at the same time! My skin always feels amazing after using a Bath Bomb and I only ever use half at a time. Today I have some super colourful pictures to share about my experience with The Experimenter Bath Bomb!

I had so much fun using The Experimenter! I loved the colourful idea so much that the scent didn't even register, really!

I used half of the bath bomb as I usually do and it was definitely enough for my bath! 

I like to wait until my bath is half full and then drop in my Bath Bomb! This way it has a chance to roll around with the direction of the water and make everything really pretty! 

Did I mention there was glitter!?

After the colours had settled the water was all this colour!

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