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LUSH Sunny Side Bubble Bar

I am a huge fan of taking a bath. I would say having a bath is definitely the most relaxing thing for myself! There's nothing better than soaking in a bath that smells amazing but what about those bath products that make your skin feel amazing too? Sunny Side Bubble Bar is definitely one of those products!

Sunny Side is a Bubble Bar - that means it will make you bath bubbly - easy! It will also make your bath a pretty gold colour with glitter throughout - the glitter is the reason I first ever purchased Sunny Side! 

I like to cut up my Bubble Bars to get the most out of them! I don't usually fill my bath to the very top so I like to drop in 1/4 of my Sunny Side Bubble Bar, sometimes I add other bath bombs or bubble bars - depending on what I feel like!

The scent of Sunny Side is a really comforting citrus scent - like citrus for a person who doesn't particularly like citrus... That's me! I don't really like strong citrus scents, Sunny Side is definitely citrus but not overpowering. It doesn't venture into "cleaning product citrus scent" territory at all.

Here is what LUSH says about Sunny Side:
"Cross to the sunny side of life by bathing in gold. This mood-enhancing bar of indulgence turns the water bright gold and has a shimmer to it, while filling the room with a cheerful aroma. You’ll feel bright and right as you step out of the bath thanks to the blend of sweet wild orange, lemon and tangerine oils to perk you up and enrich your day."

I find that after using Sunny Side my skin is SO soft - I usually skip moisturiser that night! It is really great for sensitive skin too, I've never found a LUSH product that isn't.

I like to mix bath products as I said before. Here is a mixture of Sunny Side Bubble Bar & Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar - it smelled like fruity heaven and felt so softening!

LUSH Bubble Bars are definitely my favourite product!

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