Napoleon Perdis Brightening & Calming Auto Pilot Primers

With all the hype around colour correcting it can be easy to feel like you need to rush out and buy concealers every colour of the rainbow! Napoleon Perdis have released some new additions to the Auto Pilot range and I'm going to tell you all about them!

The original Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Primer is super popular so it makes sense that the brand would want to branch out! So before you give in and buy a colour correcting palette - test out one of these!


The Brightening Skin Primer is a pearlescent purple shade. The purple is pigmented enough to brighten up your skin by cancelling out dull yellow tones but not overly pigmented like a thick colour correcting concealer that is hard to cover. The pearlescent finish is also light reflecting - adding to the brightening effect!


Redness is something that a lot of women struggle with, whether it is getting flustered, hormonal redness (around the nose and mouth) or just living in a warm climate! The green in the Calming Face Primer is pigmented enough to combat redness but not too pigmented where it will disturb the colour of your foundation!

Why use a tinted primer? When we look at our "problem areas" we often see them as being a lot worse than they are! While some people truly need a colour corrector - most don't! Colour correction is hard to master and can be very time consuming, if it isn't done properly it can show through your makeup - what is the point of covering redness if your face is lime green!? 

If you experience redness or want to brighten up your complexion - or do a bit of both - check out the Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Face Primers!

The Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Primers are available at

Click here for the Brightening Skin Primer
Click here for the Calming Skin Primer

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