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PuraSonic Facial Cleansing Brush

With so many different skin care products on the market it's hard to tell if we really are doing the best we can for our skin! The PuraSonic is a Facial Cleansing Brush that uses sonic frequency to clean your skin in just 60 seconds.

The PuraSonic is gentle enough to use every day! That means you can deep clean your skin every. single. day. If you are a makeup wearer like me you will loooooove seeing just how much makeup is removed from your face after the initial cleanse! I like to wash my makeup off then use the PuraSonic to deep cleanse my skin. It really has made me worried about all the times I have unknowingly left so much makeup on my skin!

To use the PuraSonic you just wet your face and apply your cleanser as usual then turn on your device to your desired speed - there are three!
It literally takes one minute:
20 Seconds for your forehead
20 seconds for your nose and chin
10 seconds per cheek

The PuraSonic is completely waterproof! Deep cleanse in the shower or bath if you wish!

The PuraSonic comes in a variety of colours to suit your personality!

My skin has never felt better!

To find a Stockist call 1300 148 351

RRP: $99 AUD

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