ZOEVA Brushes Review - 104, 114 & 142

I was sent some of the beautiful Zoeva Brushes and I thought I would let you guys know my opinions! Zoeva is super popular right now, especially with their new makeup palettes and brushes being not only beautiful but also amazing quality!

The brushes look great, they have a heavy feel to them too! They have a glittery black handle with the brush name & number in silver writing. Also on the handle is the brand name and their logo: COLOR. LOVE. MAKEUP. I feel like this is such a gorgeous touch and it's different to anything else!

The brushes are so soft and beautiful but not soft to the point that they don't work properly! 

The 104 Buffer Brush is a flat top brush - perfect for getting a flawless finish with foundation! I found that this also blends cream contour in perfectly - the shape makes it easy to blend while still keeping the contour defined. The Buffer Brush is vegan & made with super soft synthetic hairs.

The 114 Luxe Face Focus Brush is literally the perfect highlighting brush! I have been searching for my favourite brush to use with powder highlight and this is definitely it. The Luxe Face Focus brush is the perfect size for highlighting. It is also the perfect shape and softness! I just feel like it is actually perfect, how many times can I call this brush perfect!? The Luxe Face Focus brush is made from a mix of natural and synthetic hairs making it so great to apply powders, it also works amazing at setting under eye concealer with a powder.

The 142 Concealer Buffer Brush is a pro at blending concealer. The hairs are vegan & synthetic, they're so soft and delicate making it a perfect brush for your eye area. The Concealer Buffer blends out concealer flawlessly, I've even found myself using this brush for blending out cream contour in smaller areas such as the nose and temples! The synthetic hair means that this brush won't soak up all of your product - it will just blend everything perfectly.

The brushes retail for:
104 Buffer Brush / $32 AUD
114 Luxe Face Focus $28 AUD
142 Concealer Buffer $19 AUD

They can be purchased at here at Sephora!

I can't wait to try more from ZOEVA - the quality is amazing!

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