STEFAN Superfood Hair Masques

I was sent these Superfood Hair Masques by Stefan a little while ago - when it comes to haircare I really like to test it out before I give my full opinion! 
I have almost finished these Masques! I have maybe one use left in each bottle so I feel like I have a pretty damn good idea on how they work!

The Hair Masques come in a super cute box, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous and each bottle has a pump which is SO convenient! The labels are super bright and colourful - I love them.

There are three different Hair Masques in the pack and each Masque focuses on one thing, the Masques are Hydrate, Heal & Shine. Basically, you wash your hair as normal and then use #1 Hydrate. Two days after you wash your hair as usual and use #2 Heal, you guessed it, two days later wash your hair and use #3 Shine!


The first step is the Hydrate Masque! Hydrate is created with Manuka Honey and Coconut Oil.
"Manuka Honey is a natural humectant, which helps attract and retain moisture allowing the hair to stay hydrated for longer. The antiseptic and anti-bacterial qualities of Manuka Honey also assist in keeping the scalp clean and healthy."
"Coconut Oil is widely recognised as the most effective natural ingredient for hair treatment. It is ideal for penetrating the hair shaft and repairing and reconditioning the hair from the inside out. Coconut Oil is also anti-fungal, making it a natural preventative treatment for dandruff."

The next step is the Heal Masque. Heal is created with Acai Berry & Argan Oil.

"The Acai Berry is naturally rich in protein, omega -3, 6 and 9 fatty acids as well as all the essential vitamins, which are vital for your hair’s health. The Acai Berry also contains folic acid and zinc to help your hair’s roots grow stronger. Magnesium found in the Acai Berry is known to regulate calcium levels in your body and assist in controlling hair loss."
"Argan Oil is extremely beneficial for your hair and scalp and is commonly used as a conditioning agent for dry and brittle hair. Argan Oil is packed full of vitamin E, known for promoting healthy and strong hair and assisting with hair growth. Argan Oil can even undo some of the damage done through chemical treatments and dyes and is commonly used to treat split ends."

The last step is the Shine Masque. Shine is created with Macadamia Oil.

"Macadamia Oil contains the highest amount of Omega 7 compared to any other nut oil. Omega 7 most closely resembles human hair sebum and mimics the scalp’s natural oil production to provide nourishment and moisture with exceptional absorption and penetration from the inside out. Omega 7 is exceptionally light-weight and non-greasy, which makes it ideal for providing a super shine for your hair without the build-up."

The Shine Masque is my favourite of the three because it actually makes my hair shiny! It's really hard to find good hair treatments that actually work without making your hair feel heavy and greasy, these Masques definitely did not make my hair feel heavy or greasy! They all smell amazing too!
I recently made the transition from blonde hair to red hair and I have been using these Hair Masques on my hair journey and I am so happy that they came at the right time because they have really kept my hair from being a big mess!
If you would like to purchase the Superfood Hair Masques visit:
Alternatively you can visit your local Stefan Hair Salon.
The Superfood Hair Masques are $39.95 and contain 80mL in each Masque!

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