Hey loves! I recently was offered the opportunity to try out the PONi COSMETICS CONTOURiNG KiT! PONi has been everywhere this year so of course I was super excited to try out the famous brand!

The packaging is adorable! The palette comes in a cardboard slip that is exactly the same as the actual palette. The palette is black cardboard with little grey hearts all over - adorable! The little hearts are PONi's thing, they're on all of the products - it's super cute! The writing as you can see is metallic silver and hot pink, This is some of my favourite products packaging!

The back of the palette shows the shades inside, ingredients and the PONi COSMETiCS Social Media Accounts! I love the back of the palette shows the actual colours inside!

Inside there is a Highlighting shade, a Contouring shade & two Blush shades. The shades are so smooth and easy to blend! 


This is the highlighting shade in the palette and it is a gorgeous light yellow shade! It reminds me SO much of NARS Albatross but a whole lot more pigmented and ten times easier to blend! Because of the yellow undertones it can be used on a variety of skin tones and would make a stunning eyeashadow!


This shade is so very metallic that it can be hard to understand how contouring would work! If you aren't into the super strong and sharp contour, these types of shades could be just what you're looking for! You can still shape the face but it will look more bronzed and natural opposed to looking matte and structured! This is essentially a shimmery bronzer! This shade would also be a stunning eyeshadow!

This is a light pink matte blush - though they can look scary at first I actually find light pink blushes to be the most natural looking on paler complexions! If you prefer a more shimmery blush you could always mix it with the highlight shade! How cute is the print on this blush!


This shade is a beautiful peachy tangerine shade! I love the finish, it isn't shimmery but it isn't matte! Its definitely a satin finish and blends so beautifully on the skin.

This is such a beautiful palette and the shades are all so pigmented and blendable! My favourite is definitely HIGHLIGHT THAT PONi!

PONi COSMETICS are everywhere lately and for a good reason! I think they are definitely worth checking out! 

PONi COSMETICS is available online exclusively at ry.com.au

The CONTOURiNG KiT can be purchased here for $49!

RY offers afterpay which means you can pay off your order over four instalments - be careful, it can be dangerous in the best way!


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