Tilley Soaps Brand Review!

Tilley Australia has been my favourite soap brand for a looooong time! Ever since I have been an avid brush cleaner I have always preferred Tilly Soaps for a deep cleanse! I was sent a hamper from Tilley Australia so I thought I'd share the products with you.

Tilley Soaps are pure vegetable soaps and they include sustainable palm oil, pure coconut oil, shea butter & vitamin e! They effortlessly remove tough makeup stains and residue while keeping the scent on your bristles which I love.




The guest soap set contains four mini soaps, perfect sized for the guest bathroom!
 This set would also make a beautiful gift.

Soy Wax Melts last longer than essential oils and are already prepared in gorgeous scent combinations. You can also stop your burner and the melt will harden again, ready to be used again!
The scent I have here is Coconut & Lime - it is sweet and fruity but not too overpowering, it reminds me of summer!

If you like to have a contact fragrance around your home Reed Diffusers are the way to go! You place the reeds into the fragrance and they soak up the fragrance allowing it to drift through the area without being too overpowering! Sandalwood is a classic scent - very warm and cosy.

The Violet range was made to celebrate 150 years of Tilley! The Moisturising Hand Cream is a part of the Violet range containing special edition Violet scented products. Tilley Hand Cream is designed to repair damaged nail beds while deeply moisturising without leaving a greasy finish.

I am candle obsessed! Vanilla Bean is commonly found amongst the candle world but I have never experienced such a beautiful Vanilla Bean blend. This candle is sweet, creamy, warm and still very vanilla.
The Tilley Soy Candles have a slow burning lead free wick and the burn time is 45 hours!

I have never used a Tilley product that I didn't like!

To purchase or check out more of the Tilley products visit:
I highly recommend the vegetable soaps from brush cleaning!


These products were sent to me
This is not a sponsored post!

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