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Urban Decay Moondust Palette - review & swatches

From the very second I saw the previews for this palette I knew immediately that I had to have it. Not just a want, a need! I've always wanted to try the Urban Decay Moondust Eye Shadows but could never actually pick which shades I wanted. It felt like this palette was made for people like me.

So like I was saying, this palette is stunning. The whole palette, even the outer packaging, is stunning. This is the type of packaging you don't want to throw away.

See what I mean? It is just beautiful!

The packaging of the actual palette is textured all over and is so very shiny and glittery in the best way possible! It's the type of glittery that has maybe a clear layer on top so that it doesn't feel gritty and there isn't a mess of glitter everywhere, hope that made sense!

The "Urban Decay" text is raised and is in their typical font.

"Moondust" is laser cut and is mirrored which means that it is hard to take a good photo but absolutely stunning!

The Moondust Palette comes with 8 shades of Moondust Eye Shadows which is perfect if you wanted to try out some different shades - like me! If you have never tried or watched the Moondust Shadows - they are glittery. If you don't use an eyeshadow base you will probably be disappointed. They are very much like a MAC Pressed Pigment texture wise.


SPECTER is a light milky pink with intense shimmer

ELEMENT is a red toned peach with pink reflects, the top picture is more accurate of how element looks, hard to photograph!


MAGNETIC is a medium purple with blue reflects and a heap of purple shimmer

LIGHTYEAR is an intense medium green shimmer


GRANITE is a black based shadow with multicoloured sparkles

LITHIUM is a medium brown with iridescent sparkle - I think this one is my fave shade!


VEGA is a medium blue with blue sparkles

GALAXY is a blue toned grey with iridescent sparkles

Application of these shadows is similar to glitter in my opinion! I use Too Faced Glitter Glue and pat the shadow on top either with my finger or a flat shader brush.

They will wear like any other show as long as you use a good primer/glitter glue underneath!

In the above photos I'm wearing the shade Granite all over my lids

The Urban Decay Moondust Palette is available on the Urban Decay website for $49
I bought mine fro the U.S and had it sent to Australia because I just couldn't wait!
To my knowledge - the Urban Decau Moondust Palette will be available late September from MECCA


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