Lime Crime POSH Metallic Velvetine

I want to begin by saying that I have no interest in the drama that surrounds Lime Crime, that out of the way - by the end of reading this tell me is this not the most beautiful purple lipstick you have ever seen!?

I made an order (my first order) from - I have avoided Lime Crime like the plague because I didn't want my information being stolen and I really like to avoid drama. With that being said - they got me! Lime Crime had me hook, line and sinker with the release of their Metallic Velvetines! I was drawn in by the first release of shades and then I was completely convinced as soon as I saw Posh.

The thing is... I don't even like purple lipstick! I can't even tell you why I am so obsessed with this shade but I am just that - obsessed!

Posh is beautiful. The metallic particles are so fine that you cant feel them on your lips. Posh dries down completely! I wear two layers (thin) and there is absolutely no chunkiness, crumbling or transfer. There is enough berry/pink undertones that make this shade so very wearable and complimentary on my skin whether I am fake tanned or rocking pale!

I am thoroughly impressed with the formula, colour and wear of this Velvetine and I have since bought 11 more - yes, eleven. I know. I kind of wish I had fored my own opinion of Lime Crime instead of just going with the flow because so far everything I have tried is amazing!

I purchased direct from Lime Crime for $20 USD here


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