Anastasia Stick Foundation Review & Shade Comparisons

Hey! The Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation was SO hyped - I have normal/dry skin so I HAD to test it for my fellow normal/dry babes!

From the beginning stages of the foundation it was always marketed as suitable for oily skin. I do not have oily skin, at all. Me being the makeup junkie that I am - I had to try it anyway!

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation is all over Social Media! It had months of buildup hyping the product more and more! I couldn't resist getting my hands on it. I tested this foundation in all different ways from preparation to setting and I'll share exactly how it went!

Kabuki - I tried both a flat top and rounded top kabuki brush and the results were exactly the same, it was almost like the brush was exfoliating my face as I applied the foundation, leaving little flakes of dry skin all over my face. 

Fingers - using my fingers gave the best finish but still overall looked the same just a bit less noticeable I tried adding one layer and then adding another layer. I tried applying the foundation from the stick, spraying generously with fix plus and then blending with fingers and although blending was easier - the finish was the same.

Sponge - this applied a bit better than the kabuki brushes but not as well as fingers and took a very long time since it is a stiff foundation!

As you can see I tried different methods of application and unfortunately the outcome was pretty much the same every time - crusty! The ABH Stick Foundation clung to dry patches like nothing I've ever used before and revealed a whole lot of dry skin I was unaware of! I feel like the winner was fingers - the more the foundation was warmed by the heat of my hands the easier I was to blend.

I tried moisturising immediately before priming, I tried moisturising long before priming and I tried skipping moisturiser - all resulted the same, dry.

I tried different primers - long wearing, sweat proof, hydrating - this also didn't make much difference!

The only thing to make a difference was spraying Fix + to blend the foundation better.

I tried different concealers and they all worked fine with the foundation! I also used different setting powders and nothing really made a difference in the appearance of the foundation unfortunately.

Basically this foundation is not dry skin friendly! I have heard amazing things about it from oily skinned girls - and the shade range is amazing! I added some swatches of other foundations for color comparisons and the shade Beige in the ABH Stick Foundation was closest to MAC NC20


I also would like to point out that the packaging is exactly the same as the Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation - it's a good, travel friendly tube so I do really like it! 

Overall - dry skin girls - this isn't for us but oily skin girls should definitely check it out!

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