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Lime Crime Pink Velve-tin Swatches

Last week Lime Crime announced the Pink Wednesday Sale! I couldn't resist and grabbed this adorable Pink Velve-tin (um cute!?) I wanted to buy so much more!

This adorable little set arrived in less than a week - it takes longer for me to receive some parcels from my own country so I was very pleased! Lime Crime shipping is always around 5 - 6 days for me!

The packaging is adorable, the tin is sturdy metal, it's a little stiff to open. The tins are different colours depending on the shade trio you buy. The tin was bigger than I expected!

The inside of the tine has a stiff velour feeling insert that houses the trio - SO cute! The shades inside the Pink Velve-tin are Elle, Pink Champagne & Lola. I already have Elle because I purchased the Girls, Girls, Girls bundle but it's a super wearable shade so I don't mind having two! Pink Champagne and Lola are two new shades!


As you can see from the swatches, the shades are really wearable! I think Pink Champagne would be really pretty over a light nude base, too!

This is the size comparison - Mama & Baby Elle. Even though the size looks a lot different - the full size is 2.6mL & the mini is 2.07mL - there really isn't a huge difference in the amount of product!


I swatched the Girls, Girls, Girls bundle next to Lola so you could see the difference, Lola is a lot more pink/mauve toned. It's like Sasha & Lulu mixed.

I think these sets are not only beautiful but good value for money, especially when the amount of product really isn't that much less than a full size!

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