MAC On and On Lipstick

MAC On and On Lipstick was one of those products that I swatched and couldn't stop thinking about. It HAD to be mine!

Lucky me - I had six MAC empties and MAC had just added a bunch of glorious lipsticks to the permanent range!

MAC On and On reminded me SO much of MAC Blue Brown Pigment - another item I HAD to have but barely use - I bet I'm not alone!

This shade is definitely not for the faint of heart - if you love to venture out and have fun with shades this one is for you (and me).

In some lights MAC On and On Lipstick looks different! Swatched - it looks pretty much the same!

I can't wait to experiment with On and On over different coloured bases! It is a frost lipstick so it isn't super opaque.

It was kinda hard to photograph swatches but I wanted to show the true tones! On and On has a brown toned purple base with iridescent blue reflects... I just love it!

Talk about photo overload! I have my eye on some more shades that are a little unusual, what should I pick next?

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