RCMA No Color Powder Review

The RCMA No Color Powder has taken the beauty world by storm recently! Of course I had to investigate and share my opinions!

  • You wont need to highlight with a concealer to brighten prior to baking with this powder - if you do you might end up with overly bright areas... Almost white areas!
  • Not all concealers and foundations are made equal - you might have to experiment with different foundations and concealers before finding some that sit perfect with the powder.
  • LA Girl Pro conceal was not the best for the powder

I've really put this powder to the test, I've used different application techniques, different products underneath & different tools to apply the powder!

I purchased mine from Adore Beauty - it was $27 - I don't find that price to be expensive at all especially for the amount of product in the container!

RCMA is a brand designed for professional makeup artists, the packaging isn't made to look pretty - the product sells itself. The container has holes on the top under the lid that allow you to dispense product, it's obvious that this product was designed for professionals with hygiene in mind - everything is sanitary!

This powder is perfect if you love baking - I tried baking many different ways with this powder and I'll tell you what I found!

The powder will make it hard for other powders to stick to - if you bring down your under eye area and set it with this powder you might have problems getting highlight to stick to your face. I like to highlight before setting under my eyes when using this powder. That being said - it's perfect if you often make mistakes with your contour! It can really keep everything in place. I like to bake under my contour so I apply the powder - bronze/contour - and dust the powder off!

To apply the powder I love using my damp sponge or a tapered highlight brush. I find brushes that aren't super dense best for the RCMA No Color Powder. If you use a really dense brush you can over powder certain areas and leave white patches, it isn't a good look!

I find this to be a great all round powder! It might take some trial and error but it really is good and I can see why it's loved in the professional community!

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