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Hospital Bag Must Haves - Mum & Baby

If you follow me on Instagram you have probably already seen that I recently had a baby! If you're interested to see what my Hospital Bag must haves are just keep reading.


You're going to need a baby bag to carry around all of your essentials when baby comes. I used the Mimco Lucid Baby Bag with my first baby and am using it again with baby two! This bag was used heaps and you can see there is minimal wear which I am super happy about! The colour is no longer sold but they have black with the rose gold hardware. You don't need an expensive baby bag - you don't even need a "baby" bag - you can use whatever bag you like that will fit what you need!

Singlets & socks are must haves! Singlets are something you need quite a few of and I have found cheap singlets are fine! They aren't something you old onto for the next baby. I love Bonds Baby Socks and I kept these from baby number one, I'll keep them after baby two is done, too!

I have a huge variety of baby clothes - I have left overs from baby number one, my baby shower and bits I have purchased! My babies are big babies (over 4kg) so I packed a variety of clothes in size 0000 & 000! Clothes don't have to be expensive - it's cute to have some adorable outfits for photos but it's not essential to dress your baby up every day. My babies were both Summer babies so they lived in singlet suits & short sleeve onesies anyway!

Wraps were a must have for me - I kept baby swaddled in hospital cause it was kind of cold. he hasn't been swaddled at home because it's too hot but these wraps make awesome pram blankets when we go somewhere with air conditioning, I keep these in my baby bag alllllllll the time!

Dummies/pacifiers - there are any opinions on dummies but I am all for them!

Kosmea have beautful products safe for baby - whether you use them on yourself or baby! I always was worried about using skincare and products incase they got onto my babes skin but with Kosmea you don't have to worry about it! Babies get nappy rash which sucks but it happens. The Kosmea Certified Organic Rosehip Oil is safe for baby and smells amazing, my baby had peeling skin so this was perfect!

3 weeks later I've only used cream once and have since switched to Bepanthen! Definitely a must have!


I used a carry on size luggage bag for my personal items! This one had wheels and a handle, too!

Toiletries - definitely! I took a travel pack from Colgate - this had a travel sized mouth wash, toothpaste, floss & a toothbrush that all stayed in the little bag. I took my Wet Brush - it's my favourite hair brush of all time! I also took mini shampoo, conditioner & body wash. Again pictured is the Kosmea set because it's safe for baby and has everything I needed! I recommend taking perfume, just to use a tiny bit, why? Because every time I wear Tocca Cleopatra it reminds me of when my baby was born - I love it.

Sports Bras - heaven for full, sore boobs! Maternity pads & biiiiiig undies! My fave pads are the U by Kotex Maternity Pads. I had Cesareans so I bought underwear big enough to hold a massive pad and go above my scar - I just bought cheap K-mart underwear since it doesn't have to last long.

Long, flowy tops. This made it easy for my wound to be checked, super comfy, too! These are great for after baby, around the house. 

PJ shorts, loose & comfy! I had to have shorts to wear when visitors came, otherwise I didn't bother!

Of course there are things not mentioned but I wanted to focus on the reasons why I chose these things! You'll obviously need more items but they depend on your situation.

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