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Kat Von D MetalMatte Palette | Review & Swatches

I love Kat Von D eyeshadows, the matte formulation of the Shade + Light Eye palette is beautiful! The more I saw the MetalMatte palette on Social Media I just had to have it!

The MetalMatte palette is currently here on Sephora AU for $48 - that's cheaper than it was in the US! In the United States this palette sold for $60 so that was definitely one of the reasons I purchased! Free shipping too!

The MetalMatte palette reads "metal" and "matte" when turned upside down, this is an awesome touch! I love the font and the packaging - very Kat!

The outer packaging is exactly the same as the palette inside. This palette is HUGE! I've put it next to my Shade + Light Eye palette for comparison. It is seriously massive!

I already mentioned that I love the matte shadow formulation from the Shade + Light Eye palette - seriously so blendable - the matte shadows in the MetalMatte palette are the same formula & shape, they do have a bit less product though. It's hard to find smooth, blendable matte shadows but Kat Von D nailed it! The swatches shown are one swipe of product on my bare arm - no primer.

I don't own any of Kat Von D's Metal Crush shadows so this was the perfect opportunity to try the formula - there are 9 shades. While swatching the Metal Crush shadows I said "oh my god" out loud - these shadows are beautiful. The Metal Crush shadows in the palette are so smooth and highly pigmented - the swatches are wiped from my finger once, I didn't go over them any more - I didn't need to!

I highly recommend this palette - it is stunning with great blendability and high pigmentation!

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