Benefit Galifornia

Benefit has released the newest edition to their blush range - Galifornia! The concept of Galifornia is California in the 70's.

The box is absolutely stunning, it features a girl with colourful locks and is inspired by vintage California surfer girls!

Like all Benefit boxed powders - Galifornia includes a brush. The brush is rounded, super soft & picks up the perfect amount of product. Like Rockateur - Galifornia contains 5g of product. Although this is smaller than the other boxed powders, the formula of Rockateur and Galifornia is a lot more pigmented. 

Galifornia is described as a golden pink which is accurate! Don't be fooled by the overspray of golden shimmer, it comes right off. Before even swatching Galifornia I made sure to swirl my brush around enough to remove the overspray!

I would definitely describe Galifornia as bright, almost neon, but not in a bad way! I was very surpirised - for some reason I was expecting a warm coral, think MAC Style Blush. This blush is definitely not a common shade in my collection.

I swatched Galifornia with both my finger and the brush, the top swatch (or the right) is with my finger, only once. The bottom swatch (or the left) is with the brush, i applied it on my hand how i would on the cheeks - also just one time. 

Definitely very pigmented but not in a bad way - very blendable, not at all patchy. Rockateur is my favourite blush of all time and feels like the same formula as Galifornia so if you already own Rockateur you'll know the lovely formula that I'm talking about!

Can I just add that the scent of this blush is amazing - it features notes of pink grapefruit & vanilla!

I've snapped Galifornia with her sisters, I'm not sure if it's because they're newer but Galifornia, Rockateur & Dandelion really stand out from the rest!

I have swatched all of my Benefit boxed powders together (except Hoola) to compare!
Here we have Dandelion, Coralista, Galifornia, Sugarbomb & Rockateur

I also searched my collection for dupes and these were the closest I could find:
Milani Coralina, Benefit Galifornia, Too Faced How Deep Is Your Love

How Deep Is Your Love is definitely more pink, less silky and more powdery while Coralina looks like the same tone but many shades darker!

I am a huge fan of Benefit boxed powders and Galifornia is a fantastic addition to my collection - it's not a common shade although it is surprisingly beautiful on the cheeks!

Galifornia was sent to me as a PR sample, I am under no obligations to review or say I like it if I don't - that's not my style anyway!

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