Daisy Kiss - Do you need it?

Marc Jacobs fragrances are my favourite, they are always so fun and fresh! But the newly released Daisy Kiss originally caught my eye for another reason - the bottle. It is absolutely beautiful! 

Marc Jacobs have collaborated with Coty and released Limited Edition versions of three of the Daisy Fragrances! There is Daisy Kiss, Daisy Dream Kiss & Daisy Eau So Fresh Kiss. And I want the other two, bad

The bottle is a pink version of the original Daisy, I find this quite fitting as I feel like Daisy Kiss is quite similar to the original - but sweeter! 

The original Daisy is very fresh, it smells just like fresh cut flowers. Now imagine fresh cut flowers amongst sweet, juicy fruit and you have Daisy Kiss. Kind of. At first the scent is very fruity and it calms down to a sweet floral scent, I'm so obsessed

The scent is so delicious, I'm a lover of sweet scents! Daisy Kiss is the most perfect blend of sweet and floral that I have ever experienced and the bottle is so beautiful which is such a bonus when you fall in love with a fragrance! 

The Daisy Kiss fragrances are limited edition so don't hesitate to try these scents! I am also a Daisy Dream lover - I'm just finishing a 100ml bottle with a back up ready to go so I'll definitely be checking out Daisy Dream Kiss!

Is this bottle not seriously one of the prettiest you've ever seen!?

This fragrance was sent to me with no obligations to review or be positive, honesty babes!

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