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Australis Fake Eye-D Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

Australis came out with a 15 Pan Eyeshadow Palette - the Fake Eye-D Palette - I have had it for a few months now & thought I'd share some info on this bad boy!

The packaging is very reminiscent of the MAC 15 Eyeshadow Palettes, that aside, the packaging is sleek and doesn't feel cheap. It has the Australis logo on the front and the name of the palette. The Palette is called the Fake Eye-D Palette as I mentioned above and while it is a clever play on words - I just don't like it. Quite a few of the Australis products have the same kind of "play of words" named products (A C on tour palette = a contour palette) but honestly I just don't like saying the names out loud... They sound silly rather than clever - but that's just me! So, onto the actual product!

The 15 Eyeshadows are in a variety of finishes and are overall good shadows! They blend well for the most part and are quite pigmented! I was very impressed with the matte shades, it's hard to find affordable matte shadows.

The top row has some light warm neutrals, these shades are all pretty! None of them are disappointing. The middle shade is spot on with my skin colour - not invisible!

The middle shades are the more fun tones for a pop of colour or to add colour to a smokey look, I love the last three in this row!

The last five shades are all more cool toned! The green is stunnnnnnning!

I'd love to see a range of palettes with this same packaging and formula! A warm, cool, bright, smokey... there are so many possibilities!

Definitely give this one a look next time you're at your local Priceline!

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