Must Have Fragrances

I am a little obsessed with fragrances, I love that feeling when someone tells you how good you smell and ask "what are you wearing!?" - if you'd like to know more about what I'm currently wearing just keep reading!

I'm a little obsessed with sweet scents, I love anything super feminine but still very sweet... I have a perfect blend of ultra sweet and ultra feminine here!

I'm not the best at describing fragrances so I think it may be a good idea to quote the ones who know best, haha!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Kiss - the ultimate feminine fragrance. This is a such a beautiful scent without TOO much sweetness but still a hint! Daisy Kiss is more floral & fruity than straight up sweet.

"A juicy burst of pomelo nectar drizzles into petals with a creamy cedarwood drydown. With notes of Valentine Polemo, White Peony and Creamy Cedarwood, this is a burst of brightness." Marc Jacobs

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Floral Shock is the ultimate mixture between sweet and floral! It's like a young adult "sexy" perfume! Most perfumes described as sexy can be quite... mature! If you want to smell delicious and sexy but still have that floral freshness - this is for you!

"A thrust of high-octane sensuality; a biting freshness that blows the mind but leaves you wanting more. " - YSL Beauty

Katy Perry Mad Love is definitely the sweetest perfume of the three. It has the strongest "sweet" notes and is my go to when I want something fun and yummy! I would also say this is defenitely the opposite of mature.

"A youthful sexy fruity floral fragrance with top notes of luscious fruits, a heart of feminine florally and a warm sexy background of woods and musk." Priceline 

These have been my fave for a while now and I hope I described them okay, I figured I may as well let the experts do the talking haha.


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