NEW Benefit Boi-ing Concealers - Review & Swatches

Benefit Boi-ing is a cult fave for a reason so it makes sense that Benefit would venture further into concealers! If you'd like to see whether they are worth your coin, keep reading!

I was sent the whole new range! Every. Single. Shade! My makeup kit is very happy about this and so am I because - spoiler alert - these concealers are game changers! The new Boi-ing range includes four concealers in three shades (I'll talk about that later) and they're all in the new Boi-ing packaging. All of the concealers are $34 AUD which is a great price! I swatched each of these concealers by removing a small amount with a spatula, applying it on the back of my hand and then using a brush to do the swatches!


The first concealer I'll be talking about is the Airbrush Concealer, it comes in a pot style container and has a screw on lid. The Airbrush Concealer is medium coverage without being heavy at all. The formula is a drier consistency and blends very easily into the skin and other products!

Here are shades 1, 2 & 3 next to each other! And below are swatches.


Next we have the Brightening Concealer, it also comes in a pot style container with a screw top lid. The Brightening Concealer is pretty fully coverage, hydrating but not too thick! I didn't expect it to feel this light! You will notice from the photos and swatches that these shades are pink toned - perfect for cancelling out those dark under eyes!

Again we have shades 1, 2 & 3 and swatches below!


Next up is the OG Boi-ing, the Industrial Strength Concealer, it comes in a similar packaging to the previous two but is silver, not pink and has a see through window on top! The Industrial Strength Concealer is extremely full coverage! The consistency is dry, a lot drier than the Airbrush Concealer BUT the dryness makes it perfect to layer until you literally have erased your problems!

The shades are a more neutral tone! The swatches show just how full coverage this baby is!


The Hydrating Concealer is aaaaaamazing! I thought I'd like this one the least but it's definitely a fave! The Hydrating Concealer comes in a twist up tube - similar to lip balm! The consistency is thin and very hydrating while having decent coverage - it blends like a dream!

The Hydrating Concealer is more on the yellow side without being too intense!

I mentioned before that I would talk about the shades and here I am... Benefit, there are only three shades!? I'm hoping that when everyone realises how AMAZING this concealer is Benefit might expand the shade range! But that is literally the only problem I have! The price is right, the products are amazing!

Definitely check these concealers out ASAP!

The new Benefit Boi-ing Concealers are available at Sephora Australia and Benefit Counters!
Oh, and Adore Beauty who happen to have Afterpay (yay!)

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