NARS Blissful Blush | FALL 2017

Hello hello hello! Today we have something very exciting, the new, the PERMANENT, Nars Blissful Blush! Wanna see some swatches? Wanna see a review? Wanna see it on my face!? Keep on reading!

Nars desicribes Blissful as a "shimmering raspberry" well that was underwhelming... Blissful is SO much more than shimmering raspberry... Blissful is bold. Bright. Fun. Blissful has blue damn glitters in it. "Shimmering raspberry" ...seriously!?

You can tell right away that there is something beautiful yet different about Blissful. These tones always catch my eye - there's just something about them! Blissful leans very burgundy but when applied has enough warmth to be wearable.

I have tried to catch the blue sparkles in each photo as I feel like the photos online when I was researching this blush didn't show just how beautiful they really are!

I have an issue buying Limited Edition products because when the hype dies down and you are enjoying using your product - you can't recommend it to everyone, it's gone! I'm so happy that this blush is permanent! 

 Look. At. That. Blue. The blue shimmer/glitter throughout Blissful is so gorgeous. It compliments the tone of the blush so very well! It doesn't translate as intense to the skin, it is very subtle and beautiful!

Here is a totally raw photo of me wearing Blissful applied heavily! See how wearable it is!? Look at that gorgeous sheen!

This finger swatch shows the warm undertones of Blissful!

I've shown Blissful blended and swatched on the back of my hand

I love how intimidating it looks in the pan but when applied it is simply stunning!

I hope this was a little more helpful then the other reviews out there! I tried for a long time to find good swatches and there just weren't any!


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