Sigma Ultimate Copper Brush Set!

Hello! Here I have the Sigma Ultimate Copper Brush Set, isn't she a beauty! I was sent this gorgeous set and how could I not share the beauty with you - seriously!? What a beautiful brush set!

The Ultimate Copper Brush Set comes with 19 brushes - some I am familiar with and some are new to me! Sigma Brushes, however, I am very familiar with! I use Sigma Brushes every time I do my makeup!

I'm going to go into depth in just a sec BUT before I get into it I thought I'd share something amazing - Sigma Brushes have a 2 year warranty - please tell me that isn't amazing! 

The first brushes I'll be talking about are the Kabuki Brushes in the kit! Sigma Kabuki Brushes are some of the most well known and popular brushes. They are amazing for cream and liquid products - especially foundation! Don't let that limit your use of them though, they are also great for powder products! 

The Sigma Kabuki Brushes are a dense brush and they make cream products a dream to apply - they don't soak up too much of your product but they allow a flawless finish. 

The Kabuki Brushes included in this set are the Round Kabuki F82, Tapered Kabuki F86, Flat Angled Kabuki F88, Angled Kabuki F84 & the classic Flat Kabuki F80!

Next are some Powder Brushes, they are beautiful and soft - they apply powder just beautifully.

Sigma Brushes have specific uses although you can definitely use them for whatever purpose you like!

The Powder Brushes included in this set are the Powder/Blush F10, Tapered Highlighter F35, Small Contour F05 & Large Angled Contour F40.

There are quite a few Eye Brushes included in this kit - I'll talk about them in groups to make it a little easier! Sigma have so many different types of eyeshadow brushes - they are constantly coming out with new brushes for different techniques!

Sigma are truly innovative when it comes to new brushes! They have brushes for specific techniques that make your eyeshadow application more precise and a lot easier.

The Eyeshadow Brushes shown above are the Eye Shading E55, Small Tapered Blending E45, Tapered Blending E40 & the Short Shader E20.

Sigma Eye Brushes, specifically the blending brushes, are so great. If you really struggle with eyeshadow it could be because you don't have the right brushes!

Brushes can really enhance your technique! The white hair brushes from this set are my absolute faves!

The brushes shown above are the Pencil E30, Blending E25 & Tapered Blending E35!

The last brushes in the set are definitely some of the essentials! Precise brushes can create crisp lines that can't be achieved with fingers.

Originally I wasn't sure how much I would use the Shader - Inner Corner E46 Brush but I haven't been able to put it down!

The brushes shown above are the Eyeliner E05, Shader - Inner Corner E46 & the Small Angle E65.

This brush set is not only beautiful to look at but it will help you achieve beautiful makeup creations!

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