Too Faced Natural Face Palette

When I saw this baby, I fell IN LOVE! My thoughts are not what I expected at all... Keep reading to see more!

The Too Faced Natural Face Palette came to MECCA and I was SO EXCITED! I purchased, received and immediately was a little taken back by the shades.. they are definitely not "natural" and definitely not what I expected.

The shades are intense but almost in a bad way. The highlighting shades are sooo chunky and have a dark undertone, this palette might suit medium or darker skin tones.

STARLIGHT is a warm peachy pink with a darker peach base.

SATIN SHEETS appears pretty light but it isn't. It looks pink in the pan but appears a tiny amount pink with an intense gold reflect, the base is kind of lavender.. it's weird but not good weird.

PINK WINK is a medium pink shade. It's a satin feeling formula but not satin enough to make it blendable. It's like a satin that feels matte.

PINK SAND is a neutral deep nude pink, it has the same formula as the previous shade! It is waaaay too dark for light skin tones.

SUNNY HONEY is the same formula as the previous two, I thought this was going to be a matte bronzer but was disappointed that it wasn't...

TROPIC LIKE IT'S HOT has to be the weirdest shade in this whole palette! it's not a shimmery bronze, its straight frosty! It is also very dark and warm.

Here are the two bronzer shades compared to each other.

Ultimately, this palette was a let down for me... I tried each shade and couldn't love ANY of them. Even if I DID love one shade.. what a waste!

Let me know if you have tried this palette and what you think!

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