Maybelline Molten Gold VS Molten Rose Gold Master Chrome Highlighter

 Maybelline had blown everyone away with their Master Chrome Highlighter in Molten Gold, it is a beautiful highlight BUT it is just too dark for us fair people! I got my hands on Molten Rose Gold - a pinker, lighter version - you know I have to compare the two!


First I thought I'd share some photos of each highlighter before comparing the two!

Above is Molten Rose Gold - it's a pink toned highlighter, it's warm pink so it doesn't have an ashy undertone which I absolutely love!

Above is Molten Gold - a true yellow toned gold! This is stunnnnnning on tanned skin!
NOW what's the difference? Besides the obvious colour difference, there seems to be a texture difference!

I have found that Molten Gold is a lot smoother and reflective while Molten Rose Gold is slightly drier and less reflective. 


  I do like the colour of Molten Rose Gold but I prefer the texture of Molten Gold. I also think it's still a bit too dark for me! (NC10/15) for reference! I do love that there are more affordable highlighters coming out but wish there were more variations in shade and tone - this is MAJORLY why I tend to stick to high end highlighters. They provide a good formula AND variety in tone - not one or the other.

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