BOBBI BROWN Swatches - creamy concealer, skin stick foundation & correctors

This post was a long time coming, so long - I actually forgot about it - chronic pain can disrupt any to-do list. I can't seem to find the Bobbi Brown BBU Palette anywhere which means one of two things. 1 - it has possibly been discontinued. 2 - it is being reformulated/revamped into a different version of the original! I'm going to hope it's number 2 but these products are all available for purchase individually anyway!

Firstly, I have swatches of the Bobbi Brown Skin Stick Foundation. This isn't a review - just swatches. I do have a review of the Bobbi Brown Face Palette that contains the Skin Stick Foundation, Corrector & Creamy Concealer on my YouTube Channel - click here

Skin Foundation Stick Swatches:

I thought adding the named and unnamed images could be helpful!

Next, the Corrector & Creamy Concealer swatches: 

One of the best things about having all of these products in a single palette is just how easy it is to customise and mix shades to suit any skin tone! I love having this palette in my makeup kit and imagine it has been super useful to other MUA's! 

I really hope that this palette isn't gone forever - that would be sad!

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