Benefit Georgia 2.0 Swatches & Review

Benefit have re-released one of their discontinued boxed powders - Georgia. I decided to stop in to Sephora to check it out! 

The shade, formula and packaging are all new, this is basically a new version of the original! Below you can see Georgia in the middle, Dandelion on the left & Galifornia on the right. Just like the other Benefit Boxed Powders - Georgia is $54 AUD.

I never tried the original Georgia but I do love a peachy blush and I am a sucker for any of Benefit's Boxed Powders! I think the packaging of Georgia is absolutely adorable.

Below is a swatch of Georgia, Benefit describe the shade as golden peach - a warm vibrant peach shade with a soft golden shimmer. It is definitely pretty but I would have to see it in the cheeks to decide whether it is vibrant or not. According to Benefit Georgia is silky-smooth & superfine with a creamy, blendable formula - from my swatches I would definitely agree - the formula was so buttery and smooth! The scent is a fresh peach-floral, it's not too overwhelming at all, the scent is really nice.

Below I swatched Goldrush (top or right) next to Georgia (bottom or left) because I thought that they were the most similar! Georgia is definitely more peach and has a finer shimmer while Goldrush is more pink toned. Goldrush has really fine shimmer with some chunkier glitters throughout.

Georgia is a gorgeous addition to Benefit's powders! Georgia is available at Sephora Australia & Myer!

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