Benefit Hoola Caramel Comparison - Hoola, Hoola Lite & Hoola Caramel!

 Hoola is already a well known and loved product from Benefit. When Hoola Lite was released all of the fair skinned beauties jumped for joy! Today I have a comparison of Hoola, Hoola Lite & one of the newer shades - for deeper skin tones - Hoola Caramel!

 Hoola is a pretty good shade & tone for a variety of skin tones, when I am at my palest it is definitely too dark for me! I currently have some colour - we just finished summer - and it suits me a lot better!

Hoola Caramel is described as a medium-deep bronzer, it is noticeably warmer than Hoola & Hoola Lite.

I haven't been able to try Hoola Caramel on my face as I have not been self tanning, it would be way way WAY too dark! I have used it on my eyes and it does have the same blendable, not too powdery but powdery enough formula as the two previous Hoola's


You can see from the swatches that it is warm, it is also darker but not by an extreme measure. I feel like the name Hoola Caramel predicts that this is going to be a warm bronzer. Caramel is definitely a warm shade! While this is a warm bronzer, it isn't straight orange!

I think Hoola Caramel is a great addition to the Hoola family, Hoola gets some criticism for being too cool toned so this one is for the warm toned bronzer fans! 

You can see from my cheek drawer that I do love my Benefit Cheek products! I have never met a Benefit Boxed Powder that I haven't loved in some way!

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