NEW Nars Blush Swatches - Tempted

NARS have released 10 new shades of blush to their permanent range, as soon as I saw the swatches of the blushes I knew I wanted some! Since they are permanent there is absolutely no rush to buy the shades I want so I only purchased one - Tempted.

I am very blush obsessed and feel like I never can quite find one that I love, there are not a lot of blushes that I really and truly love and I think that is one of the reasons that I buy so many - the hunt for the holy grail.

NARS blushes are cult classics, makeup lovers will usually have at least one in their collection! I frequently declutter my makeup collection so I don't have nearly as many NARS makeup products as I would like but I am also realistic about my collection. Makeup doesn't last forever and Limited Edition items have become less and less frequent in my collection - I avoid buying them now.

The first blushes I will be comparing are all NARS Blushes, of course I had to see if anything I had compared!


The texture of Tempted is very different to both Orgasm and Luster, they are both very dry blushes - some people absolutely love that! Let's get in to what really matters - the swatches and comparisons.

Looking at the shades you can see that they are all different. Orgasm is way more pink and Luster is way more orange.

Now I'll be showing a comparison between some of my favourite nude toned shimmery blushes. Both of these are excellent peach blushes for pale skin.


Tempted isn't similar in formula to either of these products, it also isn't very similar in shade! It is kind of similar to Gold Rush - Gold Rush has a much peachier tone and is a lot less opaque. Dior Peach... well, you can see the results!

For the last swatches I will be comparing two MAC Extra Dimension Blush shades to Tempted. The Extra Dimension Blush from MAC has one of my all time favourite blush formula!


Out of all of the comparisons, the formula is the most similar to the Extra Dimension Blush. The formula of Tempted is a little more gel feeling rather than really dry. 

When looking at the colour I think that Tempted is not overly similar to either, they are both more orange based where as Tempted is a golden bronze shade. 

After looking at all of the comparisons here I think that Tempted is different enough in colour and texture that I don't have anything in my collection the same! The formula is really more like a foiled eyeshadow, the way that a foiled eyeshadow applied with a brush reminds me so much of this blush. 

The shade is exactly what I was expecting and I love it! It's a beautiful light bronze tone, I've always loved shimmery bronzers but always found the base shade way too dark for me but Tempted is perfect!

I am wearing Tempted above and it has a seamless blend into my bronzers (all makeup details are below) and you can not see an obvious blush to bronzer colour change! You can see the gold reflective shimmers on the apple of my cheek!

MAC Japanese maple

BOBBI BROWN vitamin enriched face base
TARTE face tape foundation & shape tape concealer
LAURA MERCIER loose translucent powder
BENEFIT hoola lite
NARS tempted blush
MARC JACOBS omega coconut bronzer
TOO FACED banana brightening setting powder
BENEFIT gimme brow, foolproof brow powder & precisely my brow
SUGAR RUSH bee you eyeshadow palette
MAYBELLINE falsies lash lift mascara

I think maybe this is it. My favourite blush! It's such a beautiful shade, texture and tone! It isn't that deep but I've found it hard to get a blush that is the perfect colour - the perfect shade, hue, base & texture.

The packaging is exactly the same as every other NARS blush. A NARS Blush will cost you $48 AUD and can be purchased from Mecca!

Whatever you do - swatch this blush next time you can. If you don't like the shade feel the texture!! Just touch it!

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