MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish Swatches & Review

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish highlighters have always been my true loves, there are so many shades, the texture is beautiful... it sucks that they aren't cruelty free because I would use these til I left this earth! Anyway, I thought it was only fitting that I finally share some swatches and a review of these before they exit my collection!

I think that these are one of the most underrated products to exist, ever! They have a perfect texture - it is buildable, too! You can easily achieve a lit from within glow or an intense, wet look, dewy queen look!

There are 8 shades and they range from pale to deep, I have been the fairest of fair (NC15 was too dark for me at one point) and I have been a decent tanned shade (NC35/NC40) so I have given each one of these a try!

I am going to straight up say that I do not like the two darkest shades - Superb & Glow With It. Superb has an almost taupe undertone that is very unflattering on myself BUT my friend with deep skin absolutely loves it! Glow With It has a different formula to the rest which is why I never loved it, it is definitely a blush/bronzer formula. As a bronzer - it is super pretty! You would need a specific skin tone to suit the base shade, women with deeper skin have a wide range of undertones and I think this would be a better "highlighter" with a clearer base shade.

I love that the Extra Dimension Skinfinishes have some fun shades but they're still SO very wearable! My personal favourite shade is... Double Gleam! No surprises there if you have followed me for a while!

I also need to mention that Oh, Darling & Whisper Of Gilt are so insanely similar that owning both is pretty much unnecessary and I never got the hype - pale OR tanned.

SO these vary in formula, some shades are super wet look, others are glittery and then well... Glow With It is a BRONZER.

glow with it, superb, whisper of gilt, oh darling, beaming blush, show gold, soft frost & double gleam

I hope you can see what I mean about Glow With It. HOW is this a highlighter, the base is way too strong!? The swatches show how the bases of the rest of the shades are perfect for highlighters, I honestly do not understand!

These highlighters are truly beautiful and I am so sad that MAC is not a cruelty free company, I have SO many makeup products from MAC that I really adore.

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