Too Faced Hangover Cleanser Review


 Too Faced came out with the Hangover Skincare range right in time for me to finish a cleanser and *shock* I didn't have another one waiting for me to use! I decided to buy this one and try it out, the results were... interesting.

The Hangover Wash The Day Away Pure Purifying Gentle Foaming Cleanser is $38 AUD at Mecca and I was pretty happy paying that amount for skincare! I have used affordable and ridiculously priced cleansers and I have always had the best results with cleansers that are mid range in price, too "affordable" and my skin feels stripped, too expensive and I am usually underwhelmed. 

On the Mecca website this is the information provided: 

"Powered by a refreshing blend of lime peel, apple extracts and ginger root, this foaming cleanser draws out impurities, removes all traces of makeup and excess oil, and rebalances your complexion. The soft cloud of creamy lather cleanses skin without over stripping."

I will start by saying that the packaging is so adorable, I was really hoping to love this cleanser so I could purchase more of the range to try out because it is just so cute! I did not like the lid, though. It is one of the twist open and squeeze out of a hole type of lids.

The texture of this cleanser is a cream but sort of balmy too. It is a pale pinky white with shimmer. it is super thick and when you add water and lather it gets milky and has some bubbles. This cleanser didn't do a great job at removing makeup.

The reason that I do not like this cleanser is that not only was it not that great at removing makeup - it left a film... It left a weird residue after washing away. After a few uses I did a quick google and could see from other reviews that this was also the case for other people.

When returning the Too Faced Gentle Foaming Cleanser I was told that this one is actually not very popular with the Mecca staff, which is unsurprising!

I think skincare is a very personal preference, some people love things that others hate! I do however think that you would get similar if not better results from something half the price.

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