Too Faced Diamond Light Diamond Fire Highlighter Review & Swatches

Too Faced Diamond Light Highlighters came out a while ago now, it's probably about time I tell you what I think of them!

The highlighters come in three shades: Fancy Pink, Canary Diamond & Diamond Light. The Diamond Light Highlighter costs AUD$58 from Mecca. These claim to be "multi use" which I am a little confused about because other than a highlight the only way I could think to use these powders would be an eyeshadow and if that is the meaning behind multi-use here then technically wouldn't every highlighter be multi-use?

That being said, I don't think that these are great highlighters, anyway!

One good thing is that they are cruelty-free AND vegan, woo!

 I saw the swatches on Mecca and I think they're actually super misleading! I originally was very excited to get Diamond Light because I thought it would be a sheer white/iridescent highlighter but it's pretty much just blue! I already had something like this in my collection at the time so really didn't need another pale blue highlighter. Fancy Pink is probably the nicest out of all three but still is underwhelming. It's a warm light pink that I really had to build up. I have nicer pink highlighters and this kind of felt like an eyeshadow. Lastly, most disappointing, Canary Diamond. This formula was different to the other two, it is CHUNKY! There are massive chunky bits that get everywhere when trying to apply this one. That aside, I don't like the shade.

The packaging is a sturdy cardboard but it's only held together by a thin piece of ribbon... The packaging is also cute - probably the best thing about this almost $60 highlighter.

The swatches on Mecca are so misleading I can only imagine how many of these are returned. The swatch for Diamond Light looks white and the swatch for Canary Diamond looks pale yellow, excuse me, where are those colours!? 

Besides being vegan & cruelty-free I can't find a positive to these. The packaging is cute but not worth $58. I was so very disappointed in these and definitely do not recommend!

Have you tried these? Am I crazy!?

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