Mesoestetic Mesoprotech Light Water Antiaging Veil SPF50+ 50ml

I was approached a while back to try the Mesoestetic Mesoprotech Light Water Antiaging Veil SPF50+ and I actually was using an SPF I did not love so I was very excited to try this out! Protecting you skin in your earlier years will be the best anti aging tool you could ever possibly use, of course you can start at any age but the earlier - the better!

The Mesoprotech Light Water Antiaging Veil is SPF50+ and is water resistant for 40 minutes. This product contains low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to enhance and maintain natural skin hydration and tissue elasticity and firmness. A fresh, immediate absorption texture that forms an invisible protective film on the skin.

The Mesoprotech Light Water Antiaging Veil is available at many different online stores - a quick google will show a LOT of different retailers - it is just under $80 AUD. Mesoprotech formulas have next-generation technology that combine the highest solar protection with anti-aging and specific ingredients to make each a unique product.

The active ingredients are:


The packaging is a sleek white bottle, it has a twist off lid and needs to be shaken before applying. The product comes out of a small spout and is controlled by squeeze. 

The formula is truly quick absorbing! On the days that I wear this alone and nothing else I actually look a lot more "glowy"! I have been asked by my partner what I have done differently or what's on my face because it has looked so good! This is also the only SPF formula I have tried that doesn't give me a rash/irritation on my cheeks - love that! 

The Mesoprotech Light Water Antiaging Veil doesn't disturb my makeup! My makeup isn't extra oily or any different wearing this, another huge problem I experienced with other SPF's!

I absolutely love this product, the formula is great, it compliments my skin & doesn't disturb my makeup! Check it out if you are looking for a new SPF! Mesoestetic products are skincare with science, their formulas are medical cosmetics for your skin!

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